The Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) requires all Councils in Victoria to adopt and maintain documents to give effect to good governance and transparency principles.

In accordance with section 60 of the Act, Council is required to adopt and keep in force Governance Rules.

This report outlines the process for the Governance Rules to be revised in accordance with Council’s community engagement policy.

A copy of the proposed Governance Rules is available to view in the Document Library to the left.

Council is seeking the community's feedback. Submissions will be open until 10:00am Wednesday 19 October.

Submissions can be made via:

  • The submissions box to the left
  • Email to [email protected]
  • In writing to PO Box 246, Ararat VIC 3377

Miscellaneous changes that have been made:

(a) make it clear that the Mayor can only be elected with an absolute majority of votes;

(b) provide for the acceptance of electronic petitions, joint letters and memorials;

(c) reflect the repeal of certain provisions in the Local Government Act 1989; and

(d) adopt more gender neutral language.

Following endorsement by Council of the revised Governance Rules a community engagement process will be undertaken in accordance with section 60(4) of the Act.