Community Consultation on Barkly Street’s Pine Trees Now Open

Our city centre’s trees are essential to the well-being of our ecology, our economy, and our own appreciation of the landscape. It’s vital for Council to maintain these living assets, and part of this duty is monitoring their health and addressing potential risks they pose to the community.

A number of Norfolk Island pine trees along Ararat’s main strip, Barkly Street, appear to be in very poor condition.

Their health may have been impacted by disease, the high temperatures and reduced rainfall of the area’s climate in comparison to the species’ native environs, or they may have reached the end of their lifespan.

Trees which are in poor condition or have died may pose a safety risk to the public.

In consideration of this situation, Council are commencing a process of community and stakeholder consultation and engagement in preparation for when the existing Norfolk Island pine trees come to an end of life.

The aim of this process is to ascertain the historical significance of the trees, and proactively identify replacement species which are more appropriate for the climate and site.