Financial Plan 2021-2031

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Council is seeking your feedback on the Financial Plan 2021-2031.

The Draft Financial Plan 2021-2031 is attached as a PDF above.

The Financial Plan provides a 10 year financially sustainable projection regarding how the actions of the Council Plan may be funded to achieve the Community Vision. The Financial Plan is developed in the context of the following strategic planning principles:

a) Council has an integrated approach to planning, monitoring and performance reporting.

b) Council’s Financial Plan addresses the Community Vision by funding the aspirations of the Council Plan. The Council Plan aspirations and actions are formulated in the context of the Community Vision.

c) The Financial Plan statements articulate the 10-year financial resources necessary to implement the goals and aspirations of the Council Plan to achieve the Community Vision.

d) Council's strategic planning principles identify and address the risks to effective implementation of the Financial Plan.

e) The Financial Plan provides for the strategic planning principles of monitoring of progress and reviews to identify and adapt to changing circumstances.

Your feedback on the Draft Financial Plan 2021-2031:

You can submit your feedback by submitting comments in the above section, via email [email protected] or mail to PO Box 246, Ararat.