Council is required to undertake an annual review of this document, with the current review overdue from 31 December 2021. Our Council, like many others, have received an extension of time to prepare this review until 31 July 2022.

The new Domestic Animal Management Plan for 2022-2026 has now been drafted. The new plan has a simpler format with key performance indicators that tie to existing state reporting and focuses the actions of the team on key elements of the service.

Key changes:

  • Promote the benefits of being registered – animals are usually returned free of charge on their first wander, provided there have been no issues for other people or pets
  • We are clearer about the process in dealing with animals with no discernable owner or pets that have been handed in.
  • We will continue to subsidize the re-homing of lost or unwanted pets where possible, though the rate of subsidy will be reduced to cover the cost of registration, sterilization and immunization.

  • We plan to review of the animal registration costs in readiness for the 2023 animal renewal and also review the cost of pound fees for animals retained to ensure that these costs reflect the true service cost.

Key achievements over the last 4 years have been:

Adoption successes which have been enhanced by social media advertising and connection of animals with owners during 2 years of COVID.

  • Interactions/communication with the community and empathy over the last 2 years.
  • Training for members of the team in the field and improve performance.
  • Improved work with internal departments to streamline activities.

The Draft Domestic Animal Management Plan 2022-2026 went to the 31 May Council Meeting. The report can be found in the Document Library below.

A community engagement campaign is currently being carried out, submissions will close 5:00pm Monday 4 July 2022.