Ararat Regional Library Service

Ararat Rural City Council wishes to deliver a library service where our community can be connected to information, knowledge, resources, creativity and one another.

Council is in the process of developing a Library Strategy which will outline and determine the priorities for our Library service for the next 5 years.

This deliberative engagement phase is about consulting with our community to understand what they want from their library service into the future, including services, programs, spaces, and facilities. This valuable input will then be incorporated into helping inform a new strategy.

We encourage all community members, whether you are a member of the Library service or not, to participate in the survey below to enable us to plan, build and maintain a useful and contemporary library service.

The Ararat Library has a solid foundation with which to grow and meet the evolving needs of our community.

Increasing our membership, developing our library spaces, offering innovative programming and providing increased digital connectivity are all areas where Council has the opportunity to develop and expand the library service – providing extraordinary experiences and services to our communities.

As global trends influence local public library policy, libraries are adapting into places of knowledge, creativity, social connection, enterprise and innovation.

This Strategy provides a road map for the Library Service to embrace this evolution, positioning our library service to strengthen and contribute significantly to the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of Ararat Rural City Council.