Smart technologies supporting smart local strategies!

The Ararat Digital Twin Spotlight Project will work with local farmers and planners to solve agricultural industry and planning challenges using a range of innovative sensor technologies and leveraging the powerful data visualisation and sharing capabilities of the Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) platform.

Ararat Rural City Council (ARCC) is delivering the Victorian Rural Pilot in partnership with the Victorian Government’s Digital Twin Victoria Program. The project will fast-track the region’s smart technology strategy and support Victoria’s position as a global ag-tech leader.

Digital Twins use 2D, 3D, and live sensor data to build a virtual model of a place, including town infrastructure, rural roads, buildings, machinery and farmland. Through the project, ARCC will be establishing the Ararat Digital Twin to create a link between the virtual and digital world, enabling real world scenario simulations to be created.

This cutting-edge project offers exciting opportunities to understand how digital twin technology can assist on-farm decision making, asset management, planning and prioritisation of infrastructure repairs (including roads) and developments, at a local level.

Council recognises agriculture and agribusiness are strong drivers of the economy. Working with local growers, a core focus, is adding value to support testing and fine-tuning of processes to reduce risk and increase productivity using weather and soil monitoring technologies.

Our project in collaboration with Federation University and the Digital Twin Victoria program will unlock local value through: